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Is your business protected against a computer attack?

Computer attacks are the order of the day. Increasingly, business data is important in day-to-day business, and IT managers are constantly looking for ways to make information more secure. Unfortunately, however careful we may be, we can never guarantee 100 percent that companies are free to suffer a computer attack. For this reason, it is essential that companies use the most appropriate tools to avoid and minimize as much as possible the occurrence of computer attacks. In this article, we’ll give you a checklist of steps you must take to see if your business is effectively protected from a computer attack!

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How to avoid the GDPR fines?

GDPR has arrived and brings huge changes to how companies need to deal with the personal data of their customers and other stakeholders. The portability of data, the right to forgetfulness and the obligation (or not) of the existence of a general data protection officer are some of the main changes that the legislation brings. However, one of the major concerns of companies is related to the large fines that the law provides for offenders. The new GDPR focuses heavily on enforcement and penalties, through the application of high fines for offenders. In cases of minor breaches it may reach 10 million euros or 2% of the global turnover of the group in which the company operates and in the worst cases may reach 20 million euros or 4% of world turnover. So it is essential to know how to avoid the fines of the GDPR!

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What to do in case of private data breach?

The new General Regulation on Data Protection takes effect in a few days. The new legislation provides for heavy fines for infringements and one of the main concerns of companies is related to possible private data breaches. Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of their customers ‘and vendors’ private data as security threats have increased in number and efficiency. But after all, what to do in case of private data breach?

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5 Essential tips for dealing with sensitive data

One of the biggest concerns of all companies is the protection of information. Never before the need to protect data was so evident. A study carried out by Forrester predicts that the global number of used smartphones will exceed 3.5 billion in 2020 and this massive use of mobile devices will boost the existence of computer attacks, compromising in large measure the privacy of each and every one. GDPR is right there and it is essential that companies are prepared to deal with the sensitive data they store and deal with every day. GDPR makes the difference between sensitive and non-sensitive data and it is important for organizations to know how to handle this data. In today’s article, we will explain what sensitive data are and we’ll give you 5 essential tips to deal with this type of information! Read More