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Coronavirus and computer attacks: learn how to protect your network

Hackers take advantage of the weakest moments to launch computer scams and steal data. Digital threats have been immense in recent weeks, as those responsible for them take advantage of people’s concerns about the new coronavirus or Covid-19. There are many people looking for information about the disease and hackers take advantage of this to send messages with fake news. In this way, they spread a series of malware, created with the aim of stealing information, whether corporate or personal. Here are 5 tips to protect yourself from computer attacks this season!

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The Advantages of Masking Your Data with Datapeers

Protecting data is essential, especially the most sensitive data. No business wants to see its data exposed, as such a situation can lead a business to bankruptcy. More than ever, companies are concerned about the security of their information as a result of the growing importance that data has gained in recent years. One of the most effective ways to protect confidential information is through data masking. Data masking aims at creating a structurally identical but not equal version of the data. This technique creates a database with fictitious but realistic information that can be used for testing and training purposes. Data masking solutions offer a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, irreversibly replacing it with unrealistic data while maintaining referential integrity of the database. It is therefore a real and growing need in contemporary organizations. In today’s article, we present the advantages of masking your data with Datapeers!

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5 Information Security Tips for All Businesses

Nowadays, we use the Internet to do (almost) everything: shopping, watching movies and series, making bank transfers, checking important data, and much more. And if before we could only do all these things through a fixed computer, nowadays we can do all this through a smartphone or a tablet. This whole new world of possibilities has brought with it numerous computer threats, so information security has become a priority for organizations. Protecting against cyber attacks today is not a choice but a necessity, and the numbers are not misleading: about 60% of small and medium-sized businesses do not reopen after suffering a cyber attack. Therefore, it is essential that companies protect themselves properly. In today’s article, we leave you 5 days of information security so you can apply it to your business!

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5 fatal errors in protecting your information

To make mistakes and Private Data are two concepts that cannot go hand in hand. Data loss or exposure can completely compromise the viability of a business, so it is increasingly essential that companies properly protect their information. In today’s article, we present 5 fatal errors in protecting your information!

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Document control: the pillars of security

Documents contain valuable information about companies, so close security control is very important. Lost information can seriously compromise the entire continuity of the business. In today’s article, we cover the main pillars of security in document control!


It is essential that documents are available for consultation whenever needed. The information should be available and suitable for immediate use whenever needed. Therefore, it is essential that documents are stored in an easily accessible place (either in digital or physical format). Information access processes should be simple and practical, so as to make consultation as easy as possible. However, we must not forget that each employee should have access only to the documents they really need to work. If all employees have access to all documents, it is almost impossible to detect the source of any information leakage, for example.


Documents should be kept intact for easy review. No documents should be scratched, stained or damaged that prevent them from being read correctly. In the case of digital documents, the files cannot be corrupted. In addition, documents must be protected in such a way that they are not unduly altered. There must be strict rules so that documents can only be changed by those authorized to do so.


“The secret is the soul of business”: the phrase is old, but it still makes sense. In today’s business world, where cyber threats are around the corner, it is essential to protect your business data, to ensure that your competition doesn’t figure out what you are planning and also to protect your confidential data. its customers and other stakeholders. All companies are aware of the need to protect data. Tools like Datapeers help companies mask their data. Masking sensitive data is an essential component of a data security plan. Datapeers reduces the risk of data breach by replacing sensitive data with fictional but realistic data. Masked data maintains referential integrity and is statistically defined, enabling testing, analysis, and business processes. The primary use of masked data is in nonproduction environments, including test and development environments.


Extra tip:

As much as the IT manager does his or her best, problems can always exist as computer threats are increasingly sophisticated. A disaster recovery plan can be the salvation of a company. This document contemplates all actions and procedures to be taken in case of failures, in order to recover the computer services without compromising the data. Problems with servers, machine failures and viruses on the network are some of the problems that can happen in a company and compromise all security. RAAS is a service managed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure availability of your applications.

5 unforgivable errors in the handling of confidential data under the RGPD

The new data protection law has been in place since May 2018, but there are many companies that still make serious mistakes in the handling of sensitive data. Failure to comply with the law can lead the company to pay huge fines, so you need to take extra care when dealing with private data. In today’s article, we address the 5 unforgivable errors in the handling of confidential data under the GDPR!

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The importance of database security in enterprises

We are currently living in the information age. This is already a universal truth and more and more information becomes the most important asset of any company. It is essential that a company’s database receives special attention so as to ensure that it remains inviolable. In today’s business scenario, the proper use of solutions for data storage and recovery is a critical factor for the success (or not) of companies. In today’s article, we talk about the importance of database security in companies!

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What to do in case of data loss in a company?

Data loss in companies is one of the biggest concerns of managers and there are several factors that have led to greater concern about this area. Among the most important factors are the increasing relevance of the IT industry for business, today’s information value and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. When the most important information in an organization is lost, the losses are immense, and the loss of customer confidence and the high costs of data recovery are the ones that have the most impact on the business. But if a disaster knocks on your door, what can you do? In today’s article, we address the main points to consider in case of data loss in a company!

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The main pillars of data security in test environments

Companies increasingly protect their most sensitive information, but most of them do not take the same care in test and development environments. In the last decade, there has been a major shift in the way companies deal with their data. Many companies now copy their production databases with real-world data into certification environments, which makes it possible to work with test environments that are all similar to the production environment. The problem is that the development environment does not have the same level of security as the production environment. There is also the problem of using outside companies to work in these environments, leaving data even more vulnerable. Thus, it is critical to protect the test environments and it is on the main security pillars of this area that this article focuses!

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Cybercrime: how to avoid and react to a computer attack?

Computer attacks are a problem for businesses. Cybercrime is on the agenda and businesses need to prepare to avoid these crimes, as information security is increasingly a priority in modern organizations. In such a digital age and where the threats are more than many, how can companies avoid and respond to a computer attack?

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