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How Big Data transforms every sector of your business

The correct treatment of data in companies proves to be one of the greatest opportunities in the world today. The data analytics area creates value across all sectors of an organization and enables better customer service. The volume of data has grown at an amazing rate in recent times. If we stop in the street to observe the behavior of people, we easily realize that the human being is increasingly connected and that generates, whether through sending e-mails, surveys or publications in social media, a huge amount of data all the days. But how does this “boom” of data generated impact on every sector of your business?

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Key Opportunities Created by Big Data

Big Data is a term that is already part of everyday business. Big Data defines the immeasurable volume of data (structured or not) that impact business in your day-to-day life. Much more important than the amount of data that is generated daily is what companies can effectively do with this data in order to increase the quality of their performance. According to IBM, there are now three times more devices connected to the Internet than people in the World. This data is more than enough proof of the amount of information that is generated every minute, which is a challenge for companies. But how can they take advantage of the data generated daily? In this article we will talk about the main opportunities created by the big data.

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Find how data protection can become a competitive advantage

Does Privacy Data Protection Create Value? Because there is no consensual and unambiguous answer to this question, there are still many companies that don’t devote the attention that data protection needs, jeopardizing the confidentiality of the information they generate on a daily basis, as well as the confidential data of their customers and other stakeholders. Data protection regulations, such as the new GDPR that came into effect on May 25, are good opportunities to look at security with a more responsible and closer view of the attention that this topic deserves. The truth is that data protection can become a real competitive advantage and in today’s article we will address this issue to eliminate all doubts related to this topic!

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Corporate Security

Data security is very important for business success as more and more consumers and other stakeholders are concerned about the privacy of the information they provide to businesses. Ensuring the confidentiality of business data is a daily struggle in companies and employees need to be aware of the importance of information security. There are still many security holes that lead to data loss and consequent monetary losses. Let’s talk about the 7 Deadly Sins of Corporate Security!

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5 Tips to Make an Infallible Data Analysis

Companies generate more and more data in their daily lives, but more important than quantity is the ability to analyze the information generated. There is currently more than 5 times more information than in 1987, and one of the biggest challenges for companies is to analyze data effectively so they can make decisions on the basis of reliable facts. It is not always easy to deal with so much information and finding the best tactics for data analysis can be a very difficult task. In today’s article, we’ve put together 5 tips for doing a foolproof data analysis!

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Best practices for storing data in the Cloud

Storing data in the Cloud is a trend increasingly present in companies around the world. However, companies don’t always use this tool in the best way, making mistakes that may jeopardize the security and privacy of your information. Proper use of cloud storage can have huge benefits for business, so it is essential to use the cloud in the best way possible. In today’s article, we present the best practices for storing data in the Cloud. Read More

5 Essential tips for dealing with sensitive data

One of the biggest concerns of all companies is the protection of information. Never before the need to protect data was so evident. A study carried out by Forrester predicts that the global number of used smartphones will exceed 3.5 billion in 2020 and this massive use of mobile devices will boost the existence of computer attacks, compromising in large measure the privacy of each and every one. GDPR is right there and it is essential that companies are prepared to deal with the sensitive data they store and deal with every day. GDPR makes the difference between sensitive and non-sensitive data and it is important for organizations to know how to handle this data. In today’s article, we will explain what sensitive data are and we’ll give you 5 essential tips to deal with this type of information! Read More

The Best Tips for Managing Databases

The customer database is very important for greater efficiency of internal processes. It is also through the knowledge generated by the databases that communication and marketing strategies are defined and sales are increased. All managers recognize the importance of databases because information is an increasingly important asset in today’s business world. In today’s article, let’s talk about the best tips for managing databases! Read More

4 tips for securing and organizing your business data

In recent years, technology has advanced a lot in terms of innovation and has completely changed the way business operates. Today it is almost impossible for corporations to sustain their business without the presence of information technology and the internet. One of the most modified aspects is related to the storage of business data and information. Read More

Data storage: how to reduce costs and increase security?

The volume of data created in companies is increasing and there is a great difficulty in managing and storing all the information created daily. Technology helps companies manage with this “data boom,” but it is not always easy to find the equilibrium between cost savings and increased security. In today’s article, we’ve provided you with some tips to reduce costs and increase the security of your data! Read More