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7 Practical tips for protecting your business data

Data protection is the order of the day. Never before have businesses cared about the security of your information. This growing concern with data security was due to increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable computer attacks and also due to the advent of the new data protection law which came into effect in May this year. A loss of data, total or partial, can mean losses of thousands of euros for a business and can even jeopardize their survival. Many companies still dont take significant steps to keep their data protected. We’ve selected 7 practical tips for protecting your business data!

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Find how to safeguard private data on mobile devices

The trend is global: people are increasingly using mobile devices for everything. Nowadays, Internet access is mostly done through these devices and its evolution makes it possible to access the world wide web from anywhere in the World. People no longer go to the Internet; they live permanently online. On a personal level, there are no doubts about the changes and advantages that the mobile devices have brought, and at the corporate level the advantages are already evident: ability to work from any location, possibility to send e-mails by mobile phone, possibility to attend meetings, among many others. But not everything is good in the mobile world. Storing data on devices of this type raises security issues that if not thought out and handled in a timely manner can jeopardize the overall security of the enterprise. In today’s article, we leave you some tips for safeguarding private data on mobile devices!

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Safety precautions that all companies must have

Data security is an ever-increasing concern in business life, as data is the most important asset of a business. Today, businesses are working every day to increase the protection of their business and take increasingly effective measures to counter the threats that may arise in the digital world. A security flaw and the consequent exposure of sensitive data can seriously compromise a company’s survival, so companies should not (and especially can not) overlook data protection. In today’s article we leave you some safety precautions that every business should have!

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How to implement digital transformation in your company without compromising security?

The digital transformation in companies has come to stay. Nowadays, a company that doesn’t exist online is almost as if it didn’t exist and is easily surpassed by the competition that is well present in the digital world. Digital technologies have redefined the way companies do business, changed how we relate to customers and how we communicate with them, but they also present us with a number of security challenges. Since there are more digital channels and more sources of information, the likelihood of an attack is higher than in the past. In today’s article, we leave you some tips to implement digital transformation in your business without compromising security!

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7 Infallible Tips to Protect Your Corporate Email

Corporate e-mail is one of the most commonly used tools in companies and stores important and sensitive information, so there should be maximum care in protecting them. Almost all important business information is passed via email and you need to take proactive action in this area so there is no risk of losing sensitive data. In today’s article, we present you 7 foolproof tips to protect your corporate email!

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4 tips for securing and organizing your business data

In recent years, technology has advanced a lot in terms of innovation and has completely changed the way business operates. Today it is almost impossible for corporations to sustain their business without the presence of information technology and the internet. One of the most modified aspects is related to the storage of business data and information. Read More

Tips for improving your company’s data security

Data security is increasingly important in companies, that must invest in training actions and technological equipment to ensure that their information is not lost. Never before has it been so much talked about protecting the data and this is because citizens are more informed and demanding about their privacy and also because computer threats are happening more and more. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to improve your company‘s data security!

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5 mistakes to avoid when backing up data

Data are increasingly important to companies and must be addressed as best they can so they can provide the outputs needed for decision-making. Backup is one of the key measures of information protection, since it ensures that the data is secure and protected even in cases of problems with machines and computer attacks. However, backups are not always managed in the best way and in today’s article we will present 5 errors to avoid when backing up data!

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